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N. Mohammad, N. Hamada, S. Kenjo,
A. R. Al-Tarboush

Wavelet Transform Analysis of Mesozoic Sedimentary Cycles (Middle Triassic) in the Palmyride Basin: Implications for Sequence Stratigraphy 7
M. M. Ghoneim

Geochemical characteristics and petrogenesis of granitic pegmatite rocks in the Um Solimate area, South Eastern Desert, Egypt

L. V. Badida, G. A. Mizens Clinoptilolite in Lower Visaean sandstones (Borovskoye zone, Western Siberia) 35
A. G. Barannikov Analysis of the leading factors in the formation of gold placers in the Urals. Ore-placer nodes, possible models of their formation 43
T. R. Akhmedov Features of the geological structure of the Zardob–Shikhbagi area (Middle Kura depression, Azerbaijan) 57
V. V. Vanteev, E. V. Kislov Volcanic rocks of the Naryn-Gol sapphire-bearing placer region (Dzhida River basin, Western Transbaikalia) 67

A. S. Aleksandrov, T. V. Semenova,
V. A. Beshentsev, S. V. Vorob’eva

Hydromineral resources of the Tobolsk district of the Tyumen region 82

Yu. V. Erokhin, A. V. Zakharov, L. V. Leonova

Mineralogy of slags from the Rezhsky Nickel Plant 93
A. V. Ovcharenko, V. A. Shchapov Comprehensive geophysical surveys at the site of the Chelyabinsk meteorite fall (search for the main body 2023) 102
A. A. Isachenko Identification of the dependences of the parameters of the main and immediate roof on the topography of the earth’s surface during the development of excavation pillars in the south of Kuzbass 113

D. I. Simisinov, M. L. Khazin,
S. A. Dunaev, E. V. Krasheninnikov, V. E. Adas

Study of tribological properties of drilling fluid on a test bench 123

A. V. Khokhryakov, G. A. Studenok,
S. G. Frolov, P. A. Rybnikov

Territorial eco-technological approach to handling the accumulated environmental damage objects as a structure-forming element of the ensuring the technogenic safety of mining regions 132

N. G. Valiev, M. S. Lebzin, A. A. Gutnov,
A. M. Tlekhugov, D. L. Ilizarov

On the problem of the influence of mine wastewater on the ecology of the North Caucasus





N. G. Pustokhina, A. N. Ivanov, A. S. Sokolov

Financial support for reclamation work 149
T. A. Lebedeva Features of the assessment of natural resources on forest lands in the industrial regions of the Urals 159
I. G. Polyanskaya, V. V. Yurak, V. E. Strovskiy Digital technologies in handling geological information 167

V. S. Minakov, T. A. Korkina, E. A. Mushtonina Assessment of the economic effect of improving the technological process at a coal mining enterprise based on the criterion of production risk 176




A. N. Savichev, Yu. A. Polenov Ring morphostructures in the mountain part of the Middle and Southern Urals. Methods for their isolation, description and mechanism of formation 183



V. V. Khiller Anna Fedorovna Torbakova (1911–1986) and former torbakovaite (mineral not approved)  191  
V. V. Filatov Three choices (Essay about the life and work of Professor A. N. Khodalevich) 198



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