Issue 3(35), 2014

ISSN 2307-2091 (Print) 

ISSN 2500-2414 (Online)

Issue 3(35), 2014


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Polenov Yu. A., Ogorodnikov V. N., Savichev A. N. Urals veins quartz (pp. 5-11) pdf

Barannikov A. G., Osovetsky B. M. Platinum and platinum-placers of the Urals, criteria and features of their spatial association with the primary sources (pp. 12-29) pdf

Gryaznov O. N. The factors of Urals engineering-geological conditions. Regional geological factors (pp. 30-50) pdf

Zaharov A. V., Guman O. M., Makarov A. B., Antonova I. A., Li T. A. Environmental situation of dumps steel (based on the results of the slag dump monitoring on the Nizhnii Tagil Iron and Steel Works) (pp. 51-56) pdf



Zhabko A. V. Stress state of the Earth crust (pp. 57-60) pdf

Komissarov A. P., Faizullin R. T., Shestakov V. S. Operating characteristic of career excavator as an indicator of technical capabilities of the machine (pp. 61-64) pdf

Lyaptcev S. A., Potapov V. Ya., Potapov V. V., Semerikov L. A., Vasiliev E. A. Impact friction rock classification at the separation plane (pp. 65-67) pdf

Timukhin S. A., Ugolnikov A. V., Dolganov A. V. Problems of design and operation of mine drainage complexes (pp. 68-73) pdf



Ignatieva M. N. Basics of the geoecosocial-economic approach to the earth using (pp. 74-80) pdf

Polyanskaya I. G., Ignatieva M. N., Yurak V. V. Institutional foundations of arctic earth using and socio-economic development of territories (pp. 81-86) pdf

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