Issue 27-28, 2012

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Issue 27-28, 2012


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Surnev V. B., Kryukov I. D. System of integral equations translational-rotary movement of a celestial body in a gravitational field of Newton (3-7)

Ogorodnikov V. N.. Polenov Yu. A. A model of formation of collision quartz-vein formations of the Urals (8-13) 

Ogorodnikov V. N., Koroteyev V. A., Polenov Yu. A., Savichev A. N. Kyanite mineral group S - perspective raw material for producing of high aluminous refractories (14-20)

Plekhanov V. N. Uranium deposits in the cretaceous Chu-Sarysuisky depression in Kazakhstan (21-30)

Boltyrov V. В. Environmental consequences of natural and anthropogenic disasters (31-37)

Makarov A. B., Guman О. М., Antonova I. A., Zakharov A. V. Technogenic-mineral deposits of pyrite cinders and their impact onto the environment (38-44)

Novikov V. P., Gryaznov O. N. Protection of underground potable waters from pollution within the eastern slope of ural hydrogeological folded zone (45-49)

Skalin A. A. On rational use of attracted resources of potable ground waters in dewatering of the parking "Yekaterinburg-CITY" (50-52)

Vandysheva К. V., Filatov V V. Effect of tectonic stress on formation of ultrabasite protrusion (53-58)

Vandysheva К. V. About the geological nature of Nizhny Tagil anomaly of the gravity (59-65)



Tarasov P. I., Zhuravlev A. G. Substantiation and methods of creation of specialized transport for development of near edge and under quarry resources (66-71)

Zhabko A. V. Calculation of load onto support of a horizontal mine working (for discussion) (72-76)

Boyarskykh I. G., Zubov V. V, Popov Yu. V. Methods of statistical simulation of reliability indications of a percussion drilling tool (77-84)

Timukhin S. A., Stozhkov D. S., Ugolnikov A. V. Technical and economic evaluation of delivery pipelines of mine multi-stage drainage(85-87)

Trifanov G. D. Coupled modelling of dynamic process in commissioning of mine hoisting installations with the equipment "Silkan" (88-92)

Suslov N. M. Substantiation of parameters of three-support hydraulic mechanism of walking excavator with single-cylinder drive (93-94)

Shestakov V. S., Kolesnikov P. A. Specific features of calculation of digging efforts and loads onto elements of working equipment of hydraulic excavators (95-99)

Glinnikova T. P., Khazin M. L. Design parameters of stop valve body of piston compressor (100-101)

Khazin M. L., Volegov S. A. Determination of resources of closure valve of piston compressor (102-104)

Kosarev S. A., Molchanov М. V, Dolgikh D. S. Aerodynamic characteristics of calculation of working wheels of mine diagonal fans (105-106)

Tarasov S. P. Definition of active loads onto aerodynamic sheet blades after detonation of charges of explosives (107-109)

Dolganov A. V. Effect of wear of elements of flow parts of mine pumps CNS(k) 300-360 on conditions of their operation (110-112)

Minyaev Yu. N., Zhatkin A. N. Efficiency of highly-potential heat production due to the use of heat pump (113-115)

Ugolnikov A. V, Stozhkov D. S. On the formation of initial data on water inflow in mine and pit workings (116-118)



Mochalova L. A. Concept fundamentals and value-based management (119-122)

Strovsky V. E., Remennik S. Ya. Evolution of principles of enterprise management (123-127)

Peregon I. V., Karpov G. S. About reasons for application of a system of balanced indices for efficiency improvement of mining enterprises operation (128-130)

Ignatieva T. A., Ignatieva M. N. Information geological resources as a result of geological investigation of the interior (131-137)

Ivanov N. V, Kosolapov О. V. Guaraneeing of interests balance of the state and businesses in subsoil use (138-143)

Podkorytov V. N. Cost-based approach to management: content and prospects for its implementation in Russia (144-146)

Stambulchik E. V., Gavrilova L. A., Pustokhina N. G. Introduction tools of quality management system at high school (147-149)

Litvinova A. A., Kosolapov О. V. Environmental risk assessment of land degradation processes (150-156)



Filatov V. V. То the 110th anniversary since the birth Yunkov Akim Arsentievich (1902-1981) (157-161)

Aleksandrov В. M. Kmitovenko Aleksandr Trifonovich (1912-1984) (162-164)

Khokhryakov V. S. To the 100th anniversary since the birth Novozhilov Mikhail Galaktionovich (1911-1997) (165-167)

Serkov V. A. To the 100th anniversary since the birth Sakovtsev Gleb Pavlovich (1912-1985) (168-170)

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