Issue 3(47), 2017

ISSN 2307-2091 (Print) 

ISSN 2500-2414 (Online)

Issue 3(47), 2017

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V. A. Dushin. Magmatism and metallogeny of the transverse structures of the North Urals (7-16) pdf

K. S. Ivanov, G. N. Borozdina, E. V. Burlakov, Yu. V. Erokhin, D. A. Kleimenov, L. I. Mizens, V. N. Smirnov. On the finding of brachiopod in metamorphic garnet-bearing rocks on the Middle Urals (17-23) pdf

V. N. Ogorodnikov, S. G. Sustavov, D. A. Khanin, E. S. Shagalov, Yu. A. Polenov. Mineralogy of carbonatites of the Ufaleysky metamorphic complex (24-33) pdf

A. V. Alekseev. The study of the ore bodies zonality by composition of olivine in the chromite deposit No. 219 of the Verkhneyvinsky massif (Middle Urals) (34-38) pdf (In English)

M. P. Popov, A. G. Nikolaev. Features of phenacite mineralization from the Ural Emerald Mines (39-43) pdf (In English)

O. A. Ivanova, A. V. Dmitrieva. On the impact of the "Holbinsky" mine on the components of the natural environment of the Eastern Sayan (44-47) pdf

A. V. Khokhryakov, A. M. Ol'khovskiy, G. A. Studenok. Application of exhausted excavations for nitrogen compounds removal from the quarry waters (48-52) pdf

A. M. Shipilova, I. S. Semina. Assessment of the soil-ecological status of technogenic landscapes of the Kuznetsk Basin (Kuzbass) depending on the technology of reclamation of disturbed lands (53-56) pdf



A. Yu. Cheban. Improving the extraction-and-loading process in the open mining operations (57-59) pdf

P. B. Gerike. Development of the testing procedure for units and elements of mining equipment (60-64) pdf

A. V. Ugol'nikov, I. L. Shchekleina, A. E. Gorelova. Economic efficiency of the dehydration device for ferromagnetic pulps based on the action of a traveling magnetic field (65-68) pdf

V. Ya. Potapov, V. N. Makarov, N. V. Makarov, E. E. Franyuk. Additive mathematical model of materials aeration classification in separators (69-75) pdf (In Russian, in English)

S. N. Zharikov, V. A. Kutuev. Charge initiation schemes for ensuring high-performance operation of cyclic-flow technology cyclic link (76-79) pdf



I. V. Naumov. Methodical tools for assessing the implementation of the financial strategy of the territorial system (80-84) pdf

M. S. Kubarev. Evolutionary changes in the directions of nature management (85-92) pdf (In Russian, in English)

T. V. Reshetnikova, F. I. Valieva. Genesis of the concept "mergers and acquisitions" in the world scientific knowledge (93-96) pdf

L. A. Mochalova, D. A. Grinenko, V. V. Yurak. The management of solid municipal waste: domestic and foreign experience (97-101) pdf

V. G. Loginov, M. N. Ignat'eva. Forest resources potential of the Ural federal district: the state and utilization (102-107) pdf



V. I. Golik, Yu. I. Razorenov. Contribution of universities of South Russia in mining sciences (108-112) pdf

A. G. Shorin. Weimarn and Artem'ev: opposition of different pedagogical systems of higher education on the example of two mining universities in the process of their formation (113-118) pdf



V. V. Filatov. "Spontaneous flow of matter" (119-120) pdf



P. P. fon Weimarn. Speech at the opening of training sessions of november 5, 1918 (121-121) pdf

A. G. Shorin. Buildings of the Ural Mining University (final part) (122-127) pdf

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