Issue 1, 1920

ISSN 2307-2091 (Print) 

ISSN 2500-2414 (Online)

Issue 1, 1920

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Editor’s preface (XVII-XXIV)


P. P von Weimarn. Outlines of the energetics of culture (1-40)

S. N. Petrow. For question upon restistance of a material to a pressing (41-44)

A. M. Janek. Coagulation of dispersoidal solutions on the interfaces of some phases which are touched together (45-60)

S. I. Lubarsky. The alive and dead turpentine (61-112)

E. K. Eliachevicz. On some remarcable twinnings from the Museum of the Ural Mining Institute (113-119)

М. K. Eliachevicz. Research of the crystals of tioanhydrite of phenylxanthogenic acid (120-128)

N. E. Skaredow. How to build highspeed open hearth furnaces (129)


P. P. von Weimarn. The commonness of some state as a consequence from the fundamental laws of energetics (1-2)

P. P. von Weimarn. Some experiments on dyeing wood with dispertoidal silver (3-4)

P. P. von Weimarn. Flame as example of stationary disperse systems (5).

III. PROGRESS OF SCIENCE AND TECHNICS (Reviews, abstracts and bibliography)

N. I. Morosow. Review of the developement of researches on colloids done in last 12 years (1-34)

P. P. von Weimarn. A new world of chemical compounds (35-42)

P. P. von Weimarn. A new world of chemical compounds (English) (43-49)

P. P. von Weimarn. On the theories of the formation and stability of dispersoidal solutions (50-54)

P. P. von Weimarn. Grundprinzipien der dispersoiden Syntliese nach meinen Untersuchungen aus den Jahren 1906-1916 (55-69)

P. P. von Weimarn. Eine neue Welt der chemischen Verbindungen (70-77)

P. P. von Weimarn. Einige allgemeinen Bemerkungen über die Bildung und Stabilität kolloider Lösungen (78-80)

P. P. von Weimarn. Review of classifications of disperse systems in connection with mechanism of' «true» and «colloidal» solution and precipitation (Part I) (81-106)

P. P. von Weimarn, A. W. Aleksseyew und A. M. Janek. Referate einiger Vortrage gehalten vor der Russischen Chemischen Gesellscliaft von 1913—1916 (107-115)

P. P. von Weimarn, W. J. Anossow, N. I. Morosow und A. M. Janek. Abstracts of some reports read before the Russian Chemical Society in 1914—1916 (English) (116-135)

Bibliography. (Acad. P. I. Walden. History of Chemistry in Russia. Prof. Dr. Wo. Ostwald. Die Welt der vernächlassigten Diemensionen; W. W. Taylor. The Chemistry of colloids; Prof. Dr. Holleman. Lehrbuch der Anorganischen Cliemie) (136-140)


P. P. von Weimarn. Some words about the Ural Mining Institute (1-11)

Adress to students read by Rector of the Ural Mining Institute Prof. Emer. P. P. von Weimarn at beginning lectures in the Institute, November 5, 1918 (12-13)

The list of the officers of the Ural Mining Institute till July 1, 1919 (14-17)

Brief report of the Students’ business Office for 1917—18 academical year (18-21)

N. I. Morosow. Ten years of the Prof. Emer. P. P. von Weimarn’s professorship (22-23)

J. A. Shohat. For decade of the P. P. топ Weimarn’s professorship (24-27)

A. M. Janek. Characteristic of P. P. von Weimarn’s scientific work (28-32)


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