Issue 22, 2007

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Issue 22, 2007

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Mezentsev A. N., Ratushnyak A. N. Dynamics of relief-forming masses as stream of anisotropic viscous liquid (5-7)

Konoplev V. A., Pershin V. K. Phenomenological modeling of phase changes in liquid crystals (8-14)

Apakashev R. A., Pavlov V. V. Strength limit and water shift module in low current velocities (15-18)

Bogoyavlenskaya O. V. Paleontology in the Urals at present (main problems) (19-21)

Maslov A. V, Grazhdankin D. V., Podkovyrov V. N., Ronkin Yu. L. Geochemical features of fine-grained Terrigenic rocks of upper vend Belomorsky-Kuloisky plateau-indicators of paleo-water-basins structure (22-29)

Malakhov V. A. Geodynamics of formation of ophiolite Ultra-base masses of the Urals and chrome mineralization connected with them (30-40)

Gryaznov O. N., Barannikov A. G., Savelieva K. P. Non-traditional types of gold-argillite mineralization in Mesozoi structures of the Urals (41-53)

Dushin V. A. Main characteristics of platinum-metal metallogeny in Pre-Polar Urals (54-60)

Makarov A. В. Main types of technogenous-mineral deposits of the Urals: formation conditions, peculiarities of composition and directions of usage(61-67)

Semyachkov A. I., Konovalov I. V. Hydrogeological problems of Ekaterinburg Metro development (68-74)

Abaturova I. V., Noskova I. A. Investigation of causes of degradation of many-years frozen rocks on the example of Nadym town (75-80)


Khokhryakov V. S., Kornilkov S. V., Lei Yu. I., Starikov A. D., Terekhina Yu. V. New approaches to optimization of quarries designing (81-92)

Timukhin S. A. Fundamentales of theory of aerodinamics of axial fans developed an the basis of aviation screws (101-103)

Kozin V. Z., Nesterova T. V. About standardization of losses of useful components at mineral dressing plants (104-108)

Afanasiev A. I., Chirkova A. A. Investigation of correlation of electric-mechanical impulse and parameters of dynamic system of a working unit of vibro-transport machine (109-111)

Timukhin S.A., Zaripov A. Kh. Criteria of complexes power efficiency of main ventilation and water draining installations (112-115)

Murzikov I. М., Ermolayev A. I. Features of distribution of ES energy in destruction of rocks by extended charges (116-118)


Kokh I. A. Evolution of institutional paradigm in sociology of management (119-126)

Shitikov M. M. Philosophy of Romanticism history, culture centrism (127-131)

Vetoshkina T. A. Corporate culture as an element of the organization internal environment (132-137)

Kutareva N. M. Multimedia means of education in teaching of social disciplines (138-141)

Vetoshkin V. I. Social aspect in determining of enterprise operation efficiency (142-148)

Spektor E. N. Development of educational system in the Urals in the XVIII - early XXth centuries (149-155)

Fortushnyak L. L. National interests of Russia in conditions of geopolitical contraction on the border of the XX-XXIrst centu ries (156-160)

Nasedkin V. A., Nasedkin A. V. Social-economic re-evaluation of physical culture at enterprises (161-166)


Emlin E. F., Staritsyna I. A. Geology with human face: XXXIInd International Geological Congress in Florence (167-182)


Ogloblin Dmitry Nikolaievich (1905-1968) (183-185)

Ortin Mikhail Fedorovich (1880-1958186) (186)

Gapeev Aleksandr Aleksandrovich(1881-1958) (187-188)

Smirnov Aleksand Ivanovich (188101944) (189)

Rusanova Olga Denisovna (1906-1996) (190)

Fedorov Sergey Alekseevich (1906-1993) (191)

Khodalevich Anatoly Nikolaievich(1905-1993) (192)

Chernousov Yakov Mikhailovich (1906-1986) (193)

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