Issue 9, 2000

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Issue 9, 2000

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Trop A. E. Ural Scientic School of Control of Mining Technology and Equipment (9-16)

Baranovsky V. P. About Realization of Multi-Level System of Education at the Department of Automation of Production Processes (17-19)

Lapin E. S., Babenko A. G., Lapin S. E. Principles of Development of the System of Safety Control and Automation at Coal Mines of Russian Federation (20-30)

Lapina E. S., Leonov R. E. Analysis of Dynamic Properties of Mine Gas Environment as an Object of Control (31-40)

Karyakin A. L. Statistic Characteristics of the Net of Data Transfer on Conditions of Mine Atmosphere (41-43)

Matveev V. V. Control of a Technology of Prevention, Localization and Liquidation of Endogenic Fires (44-46)

Prokofyev E. V., Efremov V. N., Lapin E. S. Development of Algorithmic Structures of Models of Technological Complexes of the Processes of Preparation and Mineral Dressing (47-55)

Prokofyev E. V.. Efremov V. N. Structure of a Teaching Program of Modeling of Technological Processes of Dressing and their Systems of Control (56-59)

Ol’khovsky L. F. Complex Control of Technological Processes of Mineral Dressing Enterprise with the Use of Distributed Data Base (60-62)

Belokrylevsky A. V., Belokryletsky V. I. To the Theory of Separation of Binary Mixture of Particles (63-72)

Efremov V. N., Kalugina N. D. Algorithm of Automated Designing of Schemes of Floatation Complexes Automation (73-77)

Sukhorukov М. V, Babenko A. G. Control System of the Complex of Wet Magnetic Separation with the Use of Theoretical Methods of Indistinct Numbers (78-85)

Bobin I. S. Methods of Identification 3 of Technological Conditions of One-bucket Excavators (86-91)

Baranovsky V. P. To the Determination of Connection between Parameters of Occasional Perturbations (92-93)

Komarov A. Ya., Prokofyev E. V. Parametric Identification of Parameters of Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Feeders and Screens (94-101)

Skobtsev S. N. Analysis of Working Loads and Substantiation of Methods of Dynamic Tests of Generators of Excavator Electric Drive (102-109)

Pokshin A. V. Possibilities of Application of Algorithms of Treatment of Indistinct Information in Excavator Data-Control Systems (110-114)


Boyarskikh G. A., Dergunov N. P., Starikov A. D., Chernil'tsev A. G. About Monitoring of Efficiency of Railway Transport Functioning in Quarry (115-124)

Shestakov V. S. Development of Procedures of Parameters Identification of Crushing Chambers of Cone Crushers (125-131)

Sitnikov N. B., Trop V. A. Investigation of Criterion of Maximum Drilling Footage in Boring (132-137)

Yartsev V. A., Rozhneva V. K. Numerical Modeling of Current of a Twisted Row with a Variable of Eddy Tension (138-142)

Kozhushko G.G., Semenov D. Yu., Yampol’sky D. A. Determination of Characteristics of Conveyer Belt Damages (the second task of vibrodiagnostics) (143-150)


Komissarov A. P., Suslov N. M. Hydrophication of Equipment - Reserve of Increasing Technical Level of Mining Machines (151-154)

Shestakov V. S. To the Question of Designing of Hydraulic Excavator Drive (155-157)

Lagunova Yu. A. Power Consumption in Crushing of Rocks by Cone Crushers UDC (158-161)

Gavrilova L.A., Epshtein V. Ye. To the Question of Application of Power Swivel in Lowering - Hoisting Complex of Aggregates for Capital Repair of Bores (162-163)

Ziminn A. I., Kanusik Yu. P., Zimin I. A., Gorelov Yu. B. Profiling of a Crushing Chamber of Cone Crushers Accounting Depreciation by Armor (165-168)

Akhlyustina N. V., Khabibulin В. V. Analysis of Application of Percussion Instruments in Industry (169-174)


Kosarev N. P., Timukhin S. A., Sigoshin A. V., Marushchak V. S. About Forecast of Extreme Technical State of Mine Ventilators of Main Ventilation (175-176)

Kopachev V. F. Comparative Analysis of Arrangement Scheme of Surface Complexes of Main Ventilator Installations (177-181)


Kudryavtsev A. A. Investigation of Temperature Regimes of Tractive Electric Engines of Quarry Trucks on Imitation Model (182-188)

Mokrushin N. Comparative Calculation of Parameters of Retaining Rock Bank and a Protective Wall for Quarry Roads (189-192)


Potapov V. Ya., Tsypin Ye. F., Latyshev O. G., Medvedev Ye. I. Application of Heat Physical Characteristics of Asbestos-Containing Products for Preliminary Dressing (193-195)

Zhukov D. N. About Selective Components Destruction of Beryl-Containing Ore (196-200)

Fattakhov N. Z. Investigation of Processes of Pelletizing with Monolayer Feeding of Moist Loose Materials with Lumps of-4+1 mm. (201-204)

Fattakhov N. Z. Evaluation of Possibility of Adaptation of Emerald Producing Industry to Market Relations (205-208)


Gorshkov E. V., Vozchikov S. V., Anokhin V. L. Results of Testing of Devices of Power Supply System of Experimental-Industrial Sector of Diesel-Trolley Transport (209-212)

Abstracts (Russian) (213-222)

Abstracts (English) (223-231)

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