Issue 4, 1993

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Issue 4, 1993

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Introduction (7-8)

Mining Machines

Maslennikov V. A. Mathematical Models of Technical Systems «Crushing Chambers of KMD Crushers», «Operating Process of KMD Crushers» (9-48)

Timoshin L. R. Connection of a Profile of KKD Grinding Chamber with Characteristks of its Operating Process (49-50)

Lyaptsev S. A., Mazein O. P. Mathematical Modelling of Dynamic Processes in Testing of a Safety Belt (51-54)

Lyaptsev S. A., Polukhina N. V. The Solution of Marginal Problems of Elastic Theory by Approximate Energy Methods (55-58)

Boyarskikh G. A. Analytical State Modelling of Rocks Crushing Drilling-Hard Alloyed Instruments (59-63)

Kozak S. A. Calculation Peculiarities of Determination of Weariness Durability of Parts of Lifting-Transport and Mining Machines With Irregular Loading (64-65)

Kozhushko G. G. On the Investigation of Forced Lateral Vibrations of Conveyer Belts in Non-linear Form (66-69)

Yudin A. V. On the Calculation of Variations Parameters of Quarry Owerloading Systems on the Basis of Vibration Machinery (70-80)

Yudin A. V., Maltsev V. A. Investigation of Aftershock Movement of a Vibro-Feeder-Working Unit under the Influence of Impulse Loading (81-85)

Zameshin V. V. Gravity Measurement of a Dragline Operating Bucket in thе Process of Excavation (86-89)

Mineral Dressing

Tarchevskaya I. G. Floatation Properties of Olivine (90-93)

Morozov Yu. P. System Analysis and Decomposition of Floatation Classification (94-98)

Tagirov N. Т., Ekhlakova G. P., Koneva S. Т., Nazarov D. I., Belokryletskiy V. I.The State and Perspectiveness of Processes Improvement of Mineral-Slime Particles with the Grain Size Less than o. 071 mm. (99-104)

Ekhlakova G. P., Tagirov N. Т., Nazarov D. I., Belokryletskiy V. I. Investigation of Regularities of Gravitational Separation in Water Media of Chromespinelide and Accompanying Minerals (105-114)

Tsypin Ye. F., Potapov V. Ya., Pelevin A. Ye., Slesarev O. Yu., Umnova V. V. Optimiization of Design Parameters of a Drum Friction Separator Model (115-120)

Shuyanov G. G. Elaboration of a Regime of Dust Product Utilization of Electric Filters (121-123)

Тгор V. A., Sannikov A. A. Forecasting of Asbestos Concentration Processes on Minimum Distance with Application of Weight Coefficient (124)

Bragin V. G., Rakhimova A. V. Investigation of Different Channel Efficiency of a Closed Cycle Control of Wet Grinding of Magnetite Ore by a Method of imitation Modelling (125-137)

Petrov Yu. S., Borovkov V. A., Golovyrin S. S., Iskakov I. M. Combined Algorythm of Control of an Iron-Ore Concentrate Aglomeration Process (138-141)

Automation of Mining Processes

Sitnikov N. V. The Influence of Limitations on Indicators of Drilling Processes of Prospecting Bore Holes (142-148)

Druzhinin A. V., Babenko A. G., Poluzadov V. N. Optimization of Electric-Mechanical Transformation of Energy by Main Drives of Powerful Excavator-Draglines (149-152)

Poluzadov V. N., Druzhinin A. V., Babenko A. G. The Influence of Commutation Limitations on Mechanical Characteristics of Powerful Draglines Drives (153-155)

Babenko A. G. Project on Interactive Integrated System of Control, Diagnostics and Monitoring (156-162)

Druzhinin A. V. Real Time Electronic Table of Integrated Interactive System of Control, Diagnostics and Monitoring (163-165)

Matveyev V. V. Graphical Interface of Integrated Interactive System of Control and Diagnostics of Mining Machines (166-168)

Bagautinov G. G., Bagautinov G. A., Stepanova G. F. Elaboration and Introduction of Microprocessor System of Software Control of a Dredge Mining Complex (169-172)

Bagautinov G. G., Israpilov R. B. Comparative Analysis of a Regulator Structure of Meshanism Acceleration of Dredges Lateral Movement (173-178)

Abstracts (in Russian) (179-184)

Abstracts (in English) (185-190)

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