Issue 15, 2002

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Issue 15, 2002

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Panyak S. G. An appraisal of crystalline rocks potential ore-bearing according to mathematical modelling data (7-11)

Zhelobov P. P. About correlation of mantle and upper-crusted processes in forming of Berezovskoe gold deposit, Middle Ural (12-16)

Pokrovsky M. P. About classification of elemental analysis methods (17-25)

Bogoyavlenskaya O. V., Lihachova E. V. Stromatoporats and Devonian stratigraphy (26-27)

Bogoyavlenskaya O. V. Correlation problems of stromatoporats and sponges (28-32)

Alekseev V. P. Lithology development in the second part of the XX century (33-39)


Busharina S. V. The new data about typomorphic minerals composition of diamondiferous Krasnovishersk region (40-45)

Burmako P. L. Chromospinelides composition of alpinetype massives of the Urals and metamorphism processes influence on its change (46-49)

Malahov I. A., Makushin A. A., Kazakov I. I. High-chromium spinels composition and genesis from terrigenous stratums of Bashkirian high in the South Urals (50-52)

Malahov L. A. Genesis of abnormal high-chromium spinels in chromites of the Urals and their forming conditions (53-60)

Zyryanov V. A., Svergunov P. V. Fractional composition of chrysotile-asbestos of Kiembaevskoe deposit (61-65)

Vahmyanina A. V. Geological and petrochemical peculiarities of Middle Urals granitoids productive for rare-metal mineralization (66-71)


Dushin V. A., Malugin A. A., Koshevoy V. N., Volostnova N. V., Pavlov M. M., Serdukova O. P., Kozmin V. S. Metallogeny and gold-bearing of the near-polar Urals (72-77)

Malugin A. A., Golovina L. V. Gold-bearing alluvial sediments in Engane-Pe and Manita-Nird massives and alluvial gold peculiarities (78-82)

Barannikov A. G., Busharina S. V., Vinogradov A. M. The Kirovskoe deposit is a new type of gold mineralization in the South Urals (83-90)

Dvornic G. P., Balahonov V. S., Ugrumov A. N. Metasomatism and gold-jasperiod mineralization of Samolazovskoe ore field (the Aldan shield) (91-98)

Cherepanov A. V. Geological structure peculiarities of Golishevskoe golden ore field (99-103)

Dvornic G. P. Geological structure and forming conditions of sericite-microcline metasomatites and gold-copper-porphyry mineralization in Ryabinovskoe deposit (104-109)

Elohin V. A., Prozherova L. A. Geochemical description of Miheevskoe molybdenum-copper deposit (110-117)

Alekseev A. V. Forming conditions and metamorphism of chromite ores of Halilovsky massif (118-121)

Nikulina L. A. Manganese-bearing perspectives of the near polar Urals (122-129)

Alekseev V. P., Pecbenina E. B., Nikoyan V. V., Refat S. M. The unique similarity of two productive horizons of Ulughemsky and Uzhno-Yakutsky coal-fields (130-135)

Panov U. K. Metrological audit of mechanized testing of exploration drill holes cores (136-142)

Oshkordin O. V., Frolov S. G., Batrak A. F., Lefton O. L. Technological system structure of a drilling complex (143-145)

Oshkordin O. V., Frolov S. G., Batrak A. F., Lefton O. L. Technological interpretation of the principals of the Byes’s conclusion theory (146-148)


Davidov A. V., Mamleev T. S. Partial deconvolution of an impulse recoil of a hoisting cable (149-154)

Mamleev T. S., Davidov A. V. Hoisting cables impulse capacity (155-165)

Gvozdarev U. K. Applying of measurements of a gravitational field vertical gradient for a detection of an epicenter of a conducted underground nuclear explosion (166-170)

Davidov U. B. An empirical chart for a solution of an inverse problem of a neutron activation logging on fast neurons (171-180)

Kuzin A. V., Petryaev V. E. Methodical aspects of magnetic surveying near the current streamlets interferer (181-184)

Belyshev U. V., Voszhenikov G. S. Theoretical assessment of possibilities of direct gold testing in a borehole (185-195)

Igumnov S. A., Zakirov Z. R., Mintsev A. I., Papulov N. B., Rasputin A. N., Bashta K. G., Marchenko A. I., Karetin U. S. An arrangement of natural radioelements in a drill core of the Ural ultradeep well according to the core gamma spectrometry data (196-203)

Serkov V. A., Zaharov O. V. An applying of field three-dimensional models of point source of direct current in ore-deposits studying (204-208)

Vinogradov V. B. About methods of interpretation of gravitational and magnetic fields of east-Ural coal deposits (209-213)

Kassin G. G., Filatov V. V. Approaches and studying results of sedimentary rocks fracturing of Verhnekamsk potassium salt deposit (214-219)


Gryaznov O. N. Modern problems of hydrogeology, engineering geology and geoecology of the Urals (220-226)

Elohina S. N., Futoryansky L. D. To a forecast approach of flooding speed of underground excavation (227-231)

Tagiltsev S. N., Zevahin A. I., Kibanova T. N. Hydro-geomechanical analysis of tectonics and relief of a carbonate massif (232-235)

Elohina S. N., Elohin V. A., Urkin A. S. Prospects for applying of a spring flow for a water-supply of Suholozhskaya recreation department of the Ural state academy of mining and geology (236-242)

Gryaznov O. N., Brusnitsin V. D., Bordonova V. G. Methodical principals of geoecological zoning of urbanized territories (Vorontsovskoe ore field, the north Urals) (243-252)

Abaturova I. V., Petrova I. G. Exogenous processes and their influence on an ecological situation in the polar Urals (253-258)

Parfenova L. P., Saraeva M. N. An organisation of local monitoring system of geological environment by the example of heap leaching of copper installation (259-262)

Gryaznov O. N. Geological ecology of the region of a slag-heap and a sludge tank of Serov metallurgical works (263-271)

Boltyrov V. B. Resource-saving certification system in mineral resources utilization (272-275)


In memory of Rappoport M. S. (276)

In memory of Gelobov P. P. (277)

Vostroknutov Georgiy Alexsandrovich (278)

ABSTRACTS (280-291)

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