Issue 2(30), 2013

ISSN 2307-2091 (Print) 

ISSN 2500-2414 (Online)

Issue 2(30), 2013


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Vinogradov A. M., Sapozhnikov V. M. About methodological principles of geofields interpretation (5-14) pdf

Beshentsev V. A. The groundwater resources of the Yamal-Nenets oil and gas producing region and problems of their use (15-20) pdf

Kotovich A. A., Guman O. M.. Makarov A. B., Antonova I. A. Ecological-geochemical assessment of soils on the territory of projected Bystrinsky GOK (concentration plant) (21-25) pdf

Studenok A. G., Studenok G. A., Revvo A. V. Assessment of methods of waste waters cleaning from nitrogen for drainage waters of mining enterprises (26-30) pdf


Bannikov A. E., Golubko B. P. Assessment of the accuracy of surveying-geodetic support in construction of high engineering structures and methods of its increasing (31-34) pdf

Makarov V. N., Gorbunov S. A., Bautin K. V., Bautin S. P. Investigation of air flow circulation under influence of Coriolis force (35-38) pdf

Degtyarev E. A., Karjakin A. L. Influence of the type of activation of neurons functions on a relative error of power consumption forecast (39-42) pdf

Davydov S. Ya., Potapov V. Ya., Kostyuk P. A. Elements of calculation of container pneumatic transportation (43-49) pdf

Reznikov M. A. About methods of assessment of mine workings stability (50-53) pdf


Mochalova L. A., Yurak V. V. Systematization of methods of the cost management of company (54-58) pdf

Sheikin A. G., Zharova T. Yu. Analysis of problems and possible management solutions for projects realization on utilization of associated oil gas: role of state and small business (59-64) pdf

Mochalova L. A., Ternovsky Ya. V., Borisov A. V. Conditions for practical realization of the concept of sustainbale development and formation of “green” economy (66-73) pdf

Shorin A. G. Chaturanga project test (74-82) pdf

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