Issue 23, 2008

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ISSN 2500-2414 (Online)

Issue 23, 2008


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Surnev V. В. About possible algorithm of numerical solving of a many-body problem in celestial mechanics. Hierarchy of integral equations of a many-body problem (3-10)

Maslov A. V. Structure, structural features and conditions of formation of the uppermost upper vendian deposits in the Us’va river basin (Middle Urals) (11-16)

Koroteev V. A., Ogorodnikov V. N., Sazonov V. N.. Polenov Yu. A. The suture zones as the integral ore perspective geological-tectonical structures (17-23)

Belyshev Yu. V., Vozjennikov E. G. Combined (physical-statistic) method of express assessment of quality of Timansky bauxite ores (24-28)

Semjachkov A. I., Pochechun V. A. Methods of complicated ecological monitoring of the environment at iron-ore mining-metallurgical complexes (29-32)


Timukhin S. A., Kirgin I. V., Lyamin S. S. Problems of development of underground blowing installations of auxiliary ventilation and methods of their solution (33-35)

S. Bat erdene (JMC "Erdenet"), Boyarskikh G. A., Boyarskikh I. A. (USMU) Statistical regulation and identification of quality of manufacturing of grinding spheres (36-51)

Boyarskikh G. A., Boyarskikh I. A. Methodology and problems of modelling of a technological heredity chisel firm alloy the tool of shock action (52-57)

Yudin A. V., Petrov A. E. Progressive technical solutions of transfer systems on the basis of vibratory-equipment in combined transport (58-66)

Mironov V. I. Cyclic degradation of material in structure elements of mining machines (67-75)

Belokryletsky A. V., Belokryletsky V. I. Distribution of particles of concentrated material for a length of pneumatic separator discharge and their separation (76-82)

Komissarov A. P., Shestakov V. S. Assessment of power consumption in rock mining (83-84)

Makarov V. N., Fomin V. I., Volkov S. A. Aerodynamic resistance of active grates of centrifugal ventilators profiles (85-87)

Sitnicov N. B., Macarichev К. V. The use of mathematical model of general form for optimization of drilling process of long hole (88-91)

Yudin A. V., Petrov A. E. Assessment of productivity of transport-transfer systems accounting reliability of allied units (92-98)

Makarov V. N., Fomin V. I., Volkov S. A. Optimization of power regulators parameters (99-101)

Rybin A. A. Energy-saving in exploitation of mine stationary installations (102-104)

Klepko V. L. Application of sputnik methods of determination of points coordinates of supporting boundary system (105-107)

Murzikov I. М., Ermolayev A. I. Increase of explosion operations safety (108-110)


Vetoschkina T. A. Competence approach as the basis of personnel management of organization (111-116)

Komarova О. G. All-round approach to assessment of human capital cost of company (117-120)

Ljapsev G. A., Ignat’eva M. N. Economic basis of conditions (121-127)

Mochalova L. A. Principal tasks, directions and instruments of Russian industrial production ecologizing (128-135)

Zhukov V. G., Timukhina V. V, Zavrajina T. G., Karpova V. V. Automated information system «Uspevaemost» (progress) at the Institute of shortened period of training (136-143)


Polenov Yu. A., Izvarina E. V. Ural Geological Museum - 70 years (144-145)

Semyachkov A. I., Kokh I. A. Ecological problems of mining-industrial regions (146-148)


Staricov Nikolai Antonovich (1897-1961) (149-150)

Malachov Anatoly Alekseevich (1907-1983) (151-152)

Smolin Aleksandr Petrovich (1887-    ) (153-156)

Schubnicov Aleksei VasiPevich (1887-1970) (157-170)

Vilesov Georgii Ivanovich (1902-1979) (171-172)

Licharev Boris Konstantinovich (1887-1973) (173-174)

Vakhrameev IPja Ilarievich (1897-1980) (175-178)

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