Issue 25-26, 2011

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Issue 25-26, 2011

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Apakashev R. A., Valiev N. G., Suleymanov G. Z., Suleymanova I. G. Anticorrosion insulation materials based on ferrocene, its functionally substituted derivatives and oil-polymer resin (3-5)

Maslov A. V. Lithochemistry of sincollision psammites and paleogeodynamics: some examples (6-13)

Barannikov A. G., Savelieva K. P., Amirzanova L. M. The nature of forming of cuprous clays of Gumeshevskoe Cu-scarn deposit (14-21)

Polenov Yu. A., Ogorodnikov V. N., Sazonov V. N. Ural early-collision sheelite-bearing quartz veins (22-33)

Gryaznov O. N. Maps of ore-bearing metasomatic formations as a basis for forecast assessment of ore regions, fields and deposits (34-40)

Gryaznov O. N. Forecast assessment of ore regions, fields and deposits on the materials of mapping of ore metasomatic formations (41-47)

Panyak S. G., Herman V. I. Search for hydrocarbons using GORE technique in Western Siberia (48-52)

Makushev D. Yu. Impact of emissions by JSC "Sredneuralsky copper smelter" on the atmosphere (53-58)


Zhabko A. V. Calculation theory of stability of foundations and slopes (59-65)

Komissarov A. P., Prokopovich G. V. Efficiency assessment of coefficient of impulse system of percussion drilling mashines (66-67)

Suslov N. M. Kinematic analysis of tricycle hydraulic walking mechanism of excavator with single cylinder drive of mechanism sides (68-70)

Kopachev V. F. Provision of mines, pits and metro with fans of the main ventilation of required ventilation modes (71-74)

Dyldin G. P. Control algorithm of a closed cycle of crushing (75-77)

Kholodnikov Yu. V., Boyarskikh G. A. Forming foundations of repair strategy and modernaziation of technological equipment with application of composites (78-83)

Potapov V. Ya., Timukhin S. A., Potapov V. V., Konev Ya. I. Use of aerodynamic effect in friction separators for separation of mineral complexes having “sailing”characteristics (84-89)

Kopachev V. F. Features of complexes structure of major fan installations (90-93)

Suslov N. M. Conditions of rational movement of support shoe of tricycle hydraulic mechanism of walking excavator (94-95)

Timukhin S. A. On the interpretation and clarification of performance characteristics of mine turbo-machines (96-99)

Dyldin G. P. Control of operation mode of a complex of testing screening (100-101)

Timukhin S. A., Dmitriev S. V., Petrov L. V. Assessment of expenditures on maintenance of mine centrifugal pumps accounting their exessive pressure (102-104)

Makarov V. N., Leontiev E. V. Investigation of influence of eddy-source onto the corner of disclosure of interblade channel of radial fan (105-108)

Potapov V. Ya., Potapov V. V. Improved methods for determining frictional characteristics of asbestos-containing products (109-112)

Plotnikov A. M. Application of multi-cable hoisting units on surface performance on the example of LLC “Gaisky concentration plant (GOK)” (113-119)


Kopylov A. N., Strovsky V. E. Improvement of management of continuous professional educational process in specialists training (case of severouralsky educational centre) (120-123)

Dushin A. V. Modernization of geological branch and future directions of formation of raw material base of science intensive branches (124-127)

Slavikovskaya Yu. O. Priority directions of formation of "best available technologies" and analysis of ecological and economic factors (128-131)

Litvinova A. A., Kosolapov О. V. Regional water management: problems and solutions (132-137)

Polyanskaya I. G., Kokareva M. S. Problems of law support of environment insurance Of the nature use in conditions of economy globalization (138-144)

Ignatyeva T. A., Ignatyeva M. N. Evolution of the payment system of subsoil use (145-149)

Mochalova L. A. Development at industrial enterprise of environment oriented management in situation of ecological-economic crisis (150-154)

Kokh I. A. Characteristics of social development of small towns of mining-industrial Urals (155-164)


Vasilyev V. K. Reminiscences about К. V. Zebziyev (165-172)

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