Issue 4(40), 2015

ISSN 2307-2091 (Print) 

ISSN 2500-2414 (Online)

Issue 4(40), 2015


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Gryaznov O. N. Natural-technical systems as the universal systems of interaction of engineering structures and natural environment (pp. 5-10) pdf

Grevtsev N. V., Shamparov A. G., Yakupov D. R. Remediation of contaminated soils with using modified peat a meliorants (pp. 11-15) pdf

Bobrova Z. M., Ilyina O. Yu., Hohryakov A. V., Tseitlin E. M. Using of metals and mining industrial wastes for the environmental management (pp. 16-26) pdf

Boltyrov V. B., Seleznyov S. G., Storozhenko L. A. Ecological consequences of long-term storage of echnogenic objects like “Dumps of the Allarechensk field” (the Pechengsk area of Murmansk region) (pp. 27-34) pdf

Sournev V. B., Islamgaliev D. V. Scattering of pressure waves by limited subject with internal stresses (pp. 35-44) pdf

Zhabko A. V. Theory of calculation of slopes and grounds stability. Analysis, characterization and classification of existing methods for calculating the slopes stability (pp. 45-57) pdf



Afanasiev A. I., Pankov S. A., Potapov V. Ya., Simisinov D. I., Ugolnikov A. V. Separation of poor sulphide ores by electrical breakdown (pp. 58-61) pdf

Petrovykh L. V., Marchenko A. Yu., Ivashenko E. P., Marchenko M. Yu., Saltanov S. N., Barinov I. M., Vikulov E. A. Determining of necessary depth to control drainage installations in conditions of high pressure of pumps (pp. 62-66) pdf

Timukhin S. A., Ivashenko E. P., Marchenko A. Yu., Marchenko M. Yu., Saltanov S. N., Barinov I. M., Vikulov E. A. About the need of better accommodate the maximum water flows in project solutions of main drainage systems (pp. 67-70) pdf

Gericke P. B. Identification of basic laws of changes in the technical state of dynamic equipment such as draglines from the analysis of parameters of mechanical vibrations (pp. 71-78) pdf

Makarov N. V., Soldatenko A. A., Lavryonov N. E., Makarov V. N. Centrifugal fans of local ventilation with energetic regulators (pp. 79-83) pdf


Ignatieva M. N., Loginov V. G., Litvinova A. A., Balashenko V. V., Tseitlin E. M. Integrated evaluation of projected economic losses at development the mineral resource base of northern territories (pp. 84-87) pdf

Dushin A. V., Sokolova O. G. Some results of institutional changes in the global mining industry (pp. 88-92) pdf

Kosolapov O. V., Vlasova L. V. Improving the forecast of economic damage during the development of subsoil resources (pp. 93-98) pdf

Loginov V. G., Ignatieva M. N., Dushin A. V., Polyanskaya I. G. Socio-ecosystem approach as a reflection of specific development of Arctic territories (pp. 99-102) pdf

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