Issue 2(34), 2014

ISSN 2307-2091 (Print) 

ISSN 2500-2414 (Online)

Issue 2(34), 2014


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Ogorodnikov V. N., Polenov Yu. A., Savichev A. N. Rare earth pegmatites and carbonatites of the Ufaley metamorphic complex (South Urals) (pp. 5-10) pdf

Gryaznov O. N. Natural sources of pollution of our environment (pp. 11-18) pdf

Kotovich A. A., Guman O. M. Evaluation of the potential fertility deluvial loam in the Ural region for recultivation of dislocated grounds (pp. 19-24) pdf

Taymasov D. V., Burmako P. L. Conditions of placement and mineral composition of ores of Zapolyarnoe deposit (Kola peninsula) (pp. 25-30) pdf



Dolganov A. V., Islentyev A. O., Churakov E. O., Toropov E. Yu. Analysis of effectiveness of dumping devices of mine centrifugal sectional pumps (pp. 31-35) pdf

Lyaptcev S. A., Potapov V. Ya., Potapov V. V., Semerikov L. A. Regularities of minerals division on the frictional separator inclined plane (pp. 36-40) pdf

Timukhin S. A., Dolganov A. V., Popov Yu. V., Churakov E. O., Islentyev A. O., Toropov E. Y. On the development of the mine sectional centrifugal dual-stream pumps (pp. 41-44) pdf

Potapov V. Ya., Potapov V. V., Semerikov L. A., Vasiliev L. A. Simulation modeling of the separation of mica-containing ores in conveying gutters (pp. 45-48) pdf

Samokhin E. G., Belykh I. S., Burkov P. V., Burkova S. P. Сomputer simulation of strength characteristics of polyethilene gas-pipelines based cracking (pp. 49-53) pdf



Kosolapov O. V. Typification of impacts to the environment from developing of mineral deposits (pp. 54-60) pdf

Simonyan A. H. Factors affecting to the capitalization of the enterprises (pp. 61-64) pdf

Kokh I. A. The role and place of small business in the economy of the Ural region (pp. 65-70) pdf

Vetoshkina T. A., Polyanok O. V. On the question of the graduates competitiveness (pp. 71-75) pdf

Zadneprovsky R. P. A mathematical model of demand of knowledge and the number of scientists (pp. 76-83) pdf

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