Manuscript Submission Requirements

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Manuscript Submission Requirements

Dear authors!

The journal called "News of the Ural State Mining University" publishes the results of scientific research of Russian and foreign authors in Russian or English.

The editors accept articles that correspond to the subject of the journal and the following requirements. Manuscripts submitted should be relevant, have scientific and practical significance and novelty.

The top-priority articles for the editorial staff are scientific materials on the geology of ore and oil fields, determining the development of the modern material and raw material base of the world, as well as on the methods of studying them; review articles in the framework of the stated topics.

In addition to the publication of scientific articles on these topics, the journal has a “History of Mining” column, in which we publish articles covering various aspects of history related to mining. As usual, this section contains some articles on the history of mining in the Urals — the region in which our journal is published — but we also accept articles on the history of mining in other regions. Since the articles on this topic have not a scientific matter, there are no steep demands: abstract, keywords, and references are required, but their size is at the discretion of the authors.

Two articles of the same author cannot be published in one issue of the journal or in neighboring issues. 

Publication ethics of the journal is mandatory for authors.

Previously unpublished articles with the following necessary components are accepted as well:

  1. The text of an article.
  2. Abstract and keywords (in the same file as the text).
  3. References (in the same file as the text).
  4. Information about authors.
  5. Expert report about the possibility of publication.
  6. Consent to process personal data. You can either send in scanned form or bring to the editor by yourself. The form can be taken in the editors office.

Submission requirements of the necessary components:

  1. The text of the article is in Russian or English (or bilingual). Articles are accepted by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Submission of articles that have already been published or sent to other journals for publication is not allowed. 
  2. Abstract and keywords. The size of an abstract should have 200-250 words; keywords should be at least 5. According to the abstract, a reader should determine whether it is worth referring to the full text of the article for more detailed information of interest. It is necessary to abstain from secondary information and express thoughts as concisely as possible.

The abstracts should contain the following steps:

- the purpose of the work and the relevance of the work;

- method or methodology of the work;

- the results of the work and the area of their application;

- conclusions.

The text of an article should be structured in accordance with the abstract and contain some specific sections: introduction, results and their application, conclusions (if necessary), and the summary.

Translation of abstracts, keywords, and references into English is carried out by the authors in case if they are confident in the quality of the translation, but if not - the translation is carried out by the editors. Translation using electronic translators is not recommended. 

  1. References in Russian. References to sources should go in the text in the right order – 1, 2, 3. The text links are enclosed in square brackets. The number of references in the text should correspond to the number of references in the reference list. You should make mention in the text of your article or in the footnotes of all-Union State Standard, construction rules and regulations, safety rules, regulatory, legislative and other documents, as well as reference to unaccredited authorities from the Internet (without putting them into the reference list). Be sure to reflect in the article the world's experience on the subject matter; the list of references should contain modern foreign articles (not older than 2013 publication year). References should contain at least 15 sources with no more than 2 author's own works. It is not allowed to indicate some textbooks, teaching and methodical manuals, guidelines for a term and graduation project, lecture notes for students in the list of references. The list of references must contain at least 1/3 of the sources published in journals that are indexed in the Scopus database.
  2. Information about the authors. It is necessary to indicate in Russian the name, position, degree and title, place of work (study) with full mailing address, as well as contact e-mail, contact phone number and ORCID ID number (ORCID account should contain information about the place of work of the author and updated list of publications).
  3. Expert report about the possibility of publication.

The form of the expert opinion for open publication (for authors from the Ural State Mining University)  

Authors who are not employees of the Ural State Mining University can get an expert report from an organization or university at the place of work or study and send a scanned copy of the report to the editorial e-mail.                    

The fee for publication from the authors of scientific and technical articles, including graduate students, is not charged on the first-served basis.

Article submission guidelines

  1. Standard Microsoft application, Minion Pro type, in case of its absence - Times New Roman. Document margins: vertical alignment is 2 cm; the others are 1.5 cm. Type size is 10, single line space. Paragraph indention is 0.63. All pages have their numbers. Spaces between paragraphs are not allowed.
  2. In the text, only generally word contractions are allowed. All contractions in the text, figures, and tables must be decoded.
  3. Formulas should be typed in the Microsoft Equation application with their own numbers if the text contains references to these formulas. When typing formulas and text, Latin letters should be in italics; Russian, Greek­ and numerical symbols are in Roman characters. The size of type in formulas must match the size of type of the main text. Trigonometric symbols (sin, cos, tg, arcsin, etc.), symbols of hyperbolic func­tions (sh, ch, th, cth, etc.), symbols of chemical elements (Al, Cu, Na, etc.) , some mathematical terms (lim, In, arg, grad, const, etc.), numbers or criteria (Re – Reynolds, etc.), names of temperature scales (°С – degrees Celsius, etc.) are ­typed in Roman characters.
  4. Physical units are given according to the Si-system.

Graphic matter

Drawings, maps, and rough drafts should be in soft and hard copy, in color and/or in black and white. Images should be clear and hard. Tables, figures, and charts should be suitable for editing. Tables and charts scanned as images are not allowed.

Maps must have the mention about its scale. The drawings, sections, and maps should have the minimum number of alphabetic and numerical designations, and their explanation as well – in the image-related texts. Photo­copies and scanned photocopies of photos are not accepted. Figures with unreadable or poorly readable image-related texts, with “freehand” texts, and too thin lines are not accepted.

The image-related texts must be in 8 size, the main text in the table is 8 size, the head of a table is 8 size. Type sort in figures and tables is Arial, size is 8.

All the articles are subject to double-blind peer review; the reviewer's opinion is always brought to notice of an author. 

Examples of the reference sources

Chukanov N. V., Chervonnyi A. D. 2016, Infrared spectroscopy of minerals and related compounds. Springer Mineralogy series. Springer International Publ., 1109 p.

Scherer M. S., Goldberg K., Bardola T. 2015, Facies architecture and sequence stratigraphy of an early post-rift fluvial succession, Aptian Barbalha Formation, Araripe Basin, northeastern Brazil. Sedimentary Geology, vol. 322, pp. 43–62.

Tohamy A. M. 2011, Mineralogy and geochemistry of the volcanic rocks of Gabal El Ghorfa, South Eastern Desert, Egypt, M. Sc. Thesis, Faculty of Science, Benha University, p. 202.


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