Issue 1 - 2021

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ISSN 2500-2414 (Online)


Issue 1-2021 






B. Boumaza
T. V. Chekushina

Assessment of metallic trace elements contamination in a mining area of the processing of Djebel Onk phosphate ore


A. Lamamra
D. L. Neguritsa
S. Bedr
A. A. Reka

Determination and quality classification of rock mass of the Diatomite mine, Algeria 17
P. S. Kozlov On the relationships between the Al2SiO5 polymorphs during formation of blastomylonites (North Yenisei Ridge) 25
A. J. Rodriguez Linares
E. V. Karelina
Quantification of recoverable oil reserves in the S6, S7 and S8 sands, in the Sigmoilina zone, at the Jusepin field in the Orinoco oil and gas basin, Venezuela 33
M. G. kyzy Alieva
N. G. ogly Valiev
Simple stationary filtering flows of incompressible non-newtonian oil in a homogeneous formation according to a general nonlinear law 39
I. A. Lebedeva
S. G. Panyak
Methodological assessment of uncertainty in forecasting hydrocarbon reserves of the North Varieganskoye field (Western Siberia) 46
V. S. Chervyakovskiy
E. A. Slobodchikov
M. V. Chervyakovskaya
E. N. Volchek
Geological features and the first isotopic data of volcanic rocks in the Iset river basin, East-Urals megazone 55
V. A. Davydov Geophysical surveys in the area of the Krylatovskaya water well 65
A. V. Leonova
L. A. Strokova
Assessment of gully erosion on the territory of Tomsk using GIS technologies 74
A. V. Zhabko
N. V. Volkomorova
N. M. Zhabko
Calculating of dumps stability laying on weak gently dipping interface 87
A. F. Shestakov To estimation of polarization characteristics of the medium on the data of multi-frequency measurements in the method
alternating current resistance
A. P. Knyazev
S. A. Kalinovskiy
Y. P. Knyazev
A. A. Pristanskov
Sidorsky deposit of construction sands in the Volgograd region 109
M. V. Shabanov Sulphur in the geochemically conjugated landscapes of the Soimonovsky valley, Chelyabinsk region (Russia) 118
Li Ning Comprehensive analysis on the situation and path of cross-border. Labour migration in Northeast Asia 127
T. A. Lebedeva Decision-making algorithm based on the results of systematic monitoring of forested landscapes in the subsoil
use territories of the Urals
V. N. Podkorytov
L. A. Mochalova
Analysis of factors affecting the market capitalization of the largest oil companies in Russia 142
M. N. Poleshchuk Socio-economic valuation of an employee’s work activities of a coal mining enterprise: Criteria, indicators, and methodology 150
Y. V. Erokhin
A. G. Shorin
Pavel Vladimirovich Pokrovskiy (1912–1979) and pokrovskite 160
K. S. Ivanov
O. E. Pogromskaya
On the relationship between the number of references and the number of readers of scientific literature in the field of Earth sciences 171



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