Issue 1(33), 2014

Issue 1(33), 2014


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Vinogradov A. M., Sapozhnikov V. M. Algorithmic view of the interpretation of geofields (pp. 5-11) pdf

Kurashov I. A., Bondarev V. I., Krylatkov S. M. Seismic data regularization for combining of neighbour surveys (pp. 12-17) pdf



Potapov V. Ya., Potapov V. V., Semerikov L. A. The methodology and results of determination of friction coefficients and recovery of single phases of bulk materials (pp. 18-28) pdf

Sadovenko I. A., Inkin A. V., Rudakov D. V., Khriplivets Yu. V. Modeling of the process of flooding of the mine «Novogrodovskaya 2» to assess the possibility of further using its heat source (pp. 29-37) pdf

Zadneprovsky R. P. Equation of coupling  and strength parameters of solids and its application for the analysis and prediction of physical state of rocks (pp. 38-43) pdf

Reutov A. A. Features of application of additional tapes in the drives of belt conveyers (pp. 44-47) pdf



Kosolapov O. V. Antropogenic impact on the environment and the response of recipients (pp. 48-53) pdf

Sorokina A. F., Mochalova L. A. The scientific foundations of evaluation and management of the quality of rural areas in conditions of high-urbanized territory (pp. 54-58) pdf

Strovsky V. E., Simonyan A. H. Approaches and methods of business valuation in modern conditions (pp. 59-62) pdf

Vetrova E. N., Gladysheva I. V. Features of strategic positioning of the region in the context of the development of hydrocarbon reserves in the Arctic by an example of the Arkhangelsk region (pp. 63-73) pdf

Boeva l. M., Osnovina O. N. Operational planning of procurement of the mining and metallurgical enterprise repair resources (pp. 74-78) pdf

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