Issue 3(43), 2016

ISSN 2307-2091 (Print) 

ISSN 2500-2414 (Online)

Issue 3(43), 2016

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Pirozhok P. I. Geological structure, genesis and zoning of novouchalinsk massive sulfide deposit (South Urals) (7-12) pdf

Koroteev V. A., Ogorodnikov V. N., Polenov Yu. A., Savichev A. N. Rare and rare-earth elements in kyanite ores of Kola peninsula and the Urals (13-19) pdf

Orolbaeva L. E., Meleshko A. A. Synergetic effects during the formation of geohazards in the mountain river basins of the Tien Shan (20-24) pdf

Shipilova A. M., Semina I. S. Features of physical properties of soil of technogenic landscapes of forest-steppe zone of Kuzbass (25-28) pdf

Nabiev N. F., Fayziev A. R. Pakrut gold deposit (Central Tajikistan) and specifics of its genesis (29-33) pdf

Bagirov B. A., Gadzhiev A. M. Features of heat methods of influence on developed oil deposits of Azerbaijan (34-40) pdf

Akhmedov T. R. On the geologic efficiency of seismic prospecting in studying different types of non-anticlinal traps of Azerbaijan (41-45) pdf

Sapozhnikov V. M., Ermolaev K. M., Kovtun D. B. Well electrical prospecting of platelike minor intrusions in the ore fields (46-49) pdf

Sustavov O. A. Vein quartz microtextures at the epithermal silver occurence aid (Tarynsky subvolcanic massif, Eastern Yakutia) (50-53) pdf

Popov M. P. Mineralogical signs of rare-metal and semi-precios ore mineralization in the Murzinskaya-Aduyskaya beryllium (gemstone) subprovince (54-63) pdf (In English)

Zheleznyak I. I., Mal’chikova I. Yu. Investigation of ice formation in the lump rock massifs of cryolithozone of the Northern Transbaikalia (64-66) pdf

Zhabko A. V. Theory of calculation of the stability of slopes and bases. Stability of dumps (67-69) pdf


Lel’ Yu. I., Aref’ev S. A., Glebov A. V., Il’bul’din D. Kh. The issue of quality assessment of quarry roads (70-73) pdf

Andreeva L. A., Ushakov Yu. Yu. Research of operational reliability of quarry dump trucks (74-77) pdf

Burmakin A. M., Vil’danov E. S., Ogarkov E. M. Calculation of induction heaters for oil bottomhole (78-81) pdf

Selyukov A. V. Evaluation of ground capacity of coal mines by modification of opencast mining system (82-86) pdf

Davydov S. Ya., Valiev N. G., Suslov N. M., Semin A. N., Ermolaev A. I., Cheremisina T. N., Filatov M. S. Dust formation and use of rocks dust at industrial sites (87-90) pdf

Anferov B. A., Kuznetsova L. V. Reducing the negative impact on the natural environment during steeply inclined coal seams (91-94) pdf


Litvinova A. A., Ignat’eva M. N., Morozova L. M., Kubarev M. S. Guidelines for the economic evaluation of protected areas, implementing environmental protection functions (100-104) pdf (In English)

Mochalova L. A. Environmental aspects of modernization of the Russian economy (105-108) pdf

Vetrova E. N., Lapochkina L. V., Minchenko L. V. State regulation of transnational technological chains involving Russian companies of the mineral complex in the Russian Arctic (109-114) pdf

Loginov V. G., Balashenko V. V., Bryantseva O. S. Land resources of the arctic regions: economic assessment and use (115-118) pdf


Erokhin Yu. V., Polenov Yu. A., Shorin A. G. The history of the Ural branch of the Russian mineralogical society (119-122) pdf


Khisamutdinova N. V. Ural Mining Institute in Vladivostok city (123-126) pdf


Shorin A. G. About modern scientific editions on the example of the «News of the URSMU» journal (127-132) pdf

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