Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics


Editorial board in its work adheres to the recommendations of the COPE.

General duties and responsibilities of managing editors

Editors are responsible for all content published in the journal. They try as much as possible to meet the needs of readers and authors, at the same time aiming to improve the quality of content and design of the journal.
The chief editor and his deputy evaluate the paper for its scientific content regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality or political opinions of the authors of the paper.

Editors provide the freedom of expression for authors’ opinions.
If necessary, editors compulsorily publish corrections, clarifications, refutations or apologies.
Decisions of the board for the publication / reject of articles are independent of commercial interests, and each article passes a mandatory independent review process.
Editorial board tries to provide the maximum transparency of its work.
Editorial board controls reviewers work and in case of improper performance corrects it.

Relations with authors

Editors decisions of acceptance / rejection of the paper are fixed on paper and always have a clear motivation.
The chief editor and other members of the editorial board do not disclose any information submitted to the journal article to anyone other than the author, reviewers, potential reviewers, other editorial staff and, if necessary, the publisher.

Editorial board provides a clear sequence of processes acceptance and review of the articles. All the information in its entirety is brought to the attention of the authors. Authors get reports about any deviations from these processes.
Unpublished materials contained in submitted to the journal article will not be used in the board members own work without the written consent of the author.

A change of one of the editors is not a reason to cancel the changes proposed by the former editor, unless there are no serious flaws in them.
All borrowed materials in the paper should contain links to the authors. Authors undertake to give references to studies that determined the direction and the nature of their work.

Relations with reviewers

Reviewers receive comprehensive information from the editorial board about the order of their work. This information, if necessary, updates in a timely manner.

The review process

Editors ensure that journal provides the principle of double-blind peer review during the consideration of the paper, i. e. the reviewer does not know who the author of the paper is, and the author does not know who reviews his article, in order to eliminate the personal criticism.


The editors try to respond quickly to complaints and take all possible measures to meet them.
If one criticizes the published work, the editors consider it possible to discuss the publication on the pages of the journal or on website of the journal, with the possibility of author of the publication to join the discussion.

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