Issue 2(46), 2017

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DOI 10.21440/2307-2091-2017-2-67-70                                                                                     Publication Date 11.07.2017

The development of the automated monitoring system for the operating parameters of a downhole drilling machine with a submersible electric motor pdf

S. N. Kostarev, T. G. Sereda

The development of models for constructing automated control systems for electric drives of oil production mechanisms currently gains great attention for the purposes of improving the safety and productivity of oil production equipment. For transmission of telemetry system (TMS) data, industrial buses are common, for example, Fieldbus, what allowes solving the problems of frequency regulation by the electric drive, but complicates the general control system. In this paper, the authors consider using as TMS a borehole cable as a medium for data transmission. The authors have developed simulation models of digital signal transmission. To transmit the information signal, there are various models of modulation: amplitude, phase, frequency, etc. For improving the quality of information transfer, one should use filters, for example the Barker filter, the digital cosine filter, the moving average filter. The Barker filter has the best selectivity, but at the same time, the largest amount of service information. To solve the problem of increasing noise immunity of transmitted data and complicating the filter by the degree of interference, the authors proposed the modulation of the information signal using the operator ⊕ (XOR). The conducted experiments on the levels of modulation/noise showed satisfactory results. To solve the tasks of monitoring and controlling the electric drive of the drill, the authors proposed an industrial controller programmed according to the IEC61131-3 standard. The authors developed the relay-contact scheme (RCS) for monitoring the critical parameters of the drive, which affect the safety of the downhole electric motor when drilling wells. Simulation of the operation of the RCS using the operator panel was successful.

Keywords: electric drive; electric motor; microprocessor controller; borehole cable; control and measuring devices; well.



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