Fedor D. Larichkin

Dr, Professor

Luzin Institute for Economic Studies — Subdivision of the Federal Research Centre «Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences» (IES KSC RAS)

Apatity, Murmansk region, Russia

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(81555) 79-253

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ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6378-9198

Major research interests: economy of complex use of mineral raw materials, economy of nature and subsoil use, including in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation.

Honored Economist of the Russian Federation. The author of more than 350 publications.

Main publications:

Cherepovitsyn, A.E., Larichkin, F.D., Vorobiev, A.G., Ibrokhim, A. Economical prospects of advancement in liquefied natural gas production(2018) Gornyi Zhurnal, (2), pp. 59-64. DOI: 10.17580/gzh.2018.02.09

Cherepovitsyn, A.E., Vorobiev, A.G., Larichkin, F.D. Comparative analysis of key aspects of the investment policy in subsoil use in the Euroasian countries(2017) Gornyi Zhurnal, (3), pp. 4-9. DOI: 10.17580/gzh.2017.03.01

Selin, V.S., Larichkin, F.D., Tsukerman, V.A., Goryachevskaya, E.S. Challenges of the national industrial development and policy of mineral mining companies in the Arctic Region of the Russian Federation (2016) Gornyi Zhurnal, (10), pp. 25-30. DOI: 10.17580/gzh.2016.10.04

Larichkin, F.D., Voitekhovsky, Yu.L., Vorobev, A.G., Goncharova, L.I. Features of substantiation of quality requirements for extraction of valuable rare earth components from multicomponent mineral raw material (2016) Gornyi Zhurnal, 2016 (1), pp. 49-53. DOI: 10.17580/gzh.2016.01.10

Selin, V., Larichkin, F., Novoseltceva, V. Economic development of the Russian Arctic space by upgrading transport and logistics sector (2014) Archives of Transport, 31 (3), pp. 61-72. DOI: 10.5604/08669546.1146988

Larichkin, F.D., Vorobev, A.G., Novoseltseva, V.D., Popova, G.I., Serebryannaya, L.S. Zirconium: Resources, markets, prospects (2013) Tsvetnye Metally, (11), pp. 17-21.

Larichkin, F.D., Vorobev, A.G., Novoseltseva, V.D. Market trends in production and consumption of raw phosphate and phosphate fertilizers (2013) Gornyi Zhurnal, (7), pp. 41-44.

Nikolaev, A.I., Larichkin, F.D., Nikolaeva, O.A. Choosing the technology of combined processing of titanium-rare-metal raw materials (2008) Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering, 42 (5), pp. 675-679. DOI: 10.1134/S0040579508050333

Nikolaev, A.I., Larichkin, F.D., Lukhton, M.M. Problems of complex overestimation and mastering of Afrikandskoe deposit of perovskite and titanium magnetite ores (2003) Gornyi Zhurnal, (11), pp. 10-15.

Larichkin, F.D., Kamenev, E.A., Motlokhov, V.V. Non-conventional kinds of mineral raw materials: Actuality, determination and classification (2003) Gornyi Zhurnal, (1), pp. 16-21.

Grishin, N.N., Kalinnikov, V.T., Larichkin, F.D., Goryunov, G.K. Olivines of Cola Peninsular (2000) Ogneupory i Tekhnicheskaya Keramika, (8), pp. 30-36.

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