Issue 3(43), 2016

DOI 10.21440/2307-2091-2016-3-74-77

Research of operational reliability of quarry dump trucks pdf

L. I. Andreeva, Yu. Yu. Ushakov

Authors consider main indicators of reliability and longevity of quarry motor transport - the average mean time between failures and the average resource of dump
trucks assemblies. The main part of failures of career motor transport classifies as sudden, caused, mostly, by the influence of the conditions and operating modes.
Authors found out that the most unreliable parts of dump trucks BelAZ-75131, in terms of reliability, are motors. Studies have shown that a significant portion of the
average recovery time accounts for waiting time of repair, caused by, mainly, the influence of organizational factors.
Operating experience of quarry dump trucks on mining enterprises showed that the mean time between failures of domestic cars is much lower than foreign analogues,
which operate under similar conditions.
On an example of the Tugnuisky mine (OJSC «SUEK») for the rapid assessment of the state of machines authors designed a visualized card of accounting technical
condition of units and aggregates dump trucks, allowing site managers to set priorities in setting machines for repair and beforehand start material and financial
preparation for its conducting. One can find a developed form of accounting results of the work of maintenance personnel, allowing the district mechanic to track the
results of the repair teams in online mode.
The study determined that insufficient revolving fund provision of units and assemblies of machines leads to quite low levels of operational reliability of domestic
trucks. This increases downtime of dump trucks in repair, waiting time of repair and, consequently, entails economic losses for the mining company.
On example of Komatsu HD-1200 authors calculated the direct and indirect losses from the dump downtime on one of the mining enterprises in the North-West
region of Russia. The article conatins reference conditions of their exploitation for determining the target operational reliability of quarry dump trucks.

Keywords: durability; resource; operating time; failure; malfunction; technical condition; maintenance and repair; reference-operating conditions.



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