Issue 1(45), 2017

DOI 10.21440/2307-2091-2017-1-59-61

Accounting for the scale effect in designing parameters of mining technology pdf

O. G. Latyshev, D. V. Prishchepa

Designing the parameters of technology of development of mineral deposits is based on rock properties, usually determined in laboratory conditions on the samples of small volume. When considering the processes involving significant amounts of rock one should account for the scale effect. Applied to strength characteristics of rocks, this effect consists in nonlinear decrease in strength with an increase in volume, and its assessment bases on the statistics of extreme values determined by the probability nature of crack distribution by size. Based on the method of fluorescent inspection, authors studied the characteristics of the fracture structure of rocks. Authors found out that Cauchy distribution describes the probability characteristics of cracks. Taking into account the parameters of this distribution, authors suggest the equation of scale effect, which takes into account the heterogeneity of fractured structure of rocks. One can find the results of experimental studies showing adequacy of the proposed method for evaluating the scale effect. The results allow evaluating strength of the rock mass of various volumes in designing the processes of mining technology.

Keywords: observation station of areal type; reverse linear resection; indirect trigonometric leveling; areal graph of displacement velocities; shear velocity.



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