Issue 4(44), 2016

ISSN 2307-2091 (Print) 

ISSN 2500-2414 (Online)

DOI 10.21440/2307-2091-2016-4-63-67

Searching for prerequisites in order to create a uniform diagnostic criterion to evaluate the maximum technical state of mountain machinery pdf

P. B. Gericke

The present work is based on the results of the analysis of existing results on creation of unified diagnostic criterions that are fit for execution of evaluation of technical condition of energy mechanical equipment of mining machinery and development of mathematic degradation models of measuring the condition of complex mechanical systems. The carried out analysis of diagnostic characteristics that were received during operation of energy-mechanical equipment of mining excavators and diesel-hydraulic drilling installations allowed to group together defects of this type of mining machinery based on 7 main groups which correspond with more than one hundred of diagnostic indicators on vibration parameters. These characteristics were classified and formalized for convenience of use during development of algorithm code of automatized control of complex systems based on parameters of generated mechanical oscillations. As part of execution of this investigation necessity of use of complex diagnostic approach for evaluation of technical condition of mechanisms based on parameters of generated vibration was justified. It was shown that only with the widespread use of modern methods of vibration diagnostics and non-destructive control there is an opportunity for modern flaw detection of mining machinery and development of forecast models and change of their technical condition. Results of conducted investigations peremptorily prove the possibility in principle to create a group of proper unified diagnostic criterions which can be used for execution of short-term forecasting of diagnostic parameters.
The developed complex of diagnostic regulations of fault detection based on results of mechanical oscillation parameters and created unified diagnostic criterions of evaluation of condition might serve as the platform for realization of machinery servicing that are based on the analysis of mechanical oscillation parameters, that are developed based on the number of main groups of defects of diagnosed equipment.

Keywords: vibration monitoring; unified diagnostic criterion; forecasted modelling; mining excavators; diesel-hydraulic drilling installations.



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