Issue 4(44), 2016

ISSN 2307-2091 (Print) 

ISSN 2500-2414 (Online)

DOI 10.21440/2307-2091-2016-4-18-24

Geological structure and hydrocarbon bearing prospects of deep horizons of Mishovdag Lower Kurinskaya basin based on new geology and geophysics data pdf

Kh. Mukhtarova, G. D. Nasibova

In order to determine the perspective based on new geological and geophysics data geological development was analyzed, reservoir characteristics of rocks were studied and correlation of cut-sections of Mishovdag structure of Lower Kurinskaya basin were done based on well data. As a consequence of the carried out paleoanalysis it was identified that the Mishovdag structure was developing simultaneously with deposition of sediments which proves its consedimentation. The carried out petrophysical studies showed that the lithofacies of rocks, that form layers change based on the sizes of flakes, meaning that coarse grained litofacies changes to fine-grained from legs to the crest. The characteristic of variability of penetrability of rocks along the horizons is that it occurs at long intervals. Based on the correlation of the well cut-sections widespread development of the effective capacities of PT deep horizons on the eastern arch and crestal parts of the Mishovdag anticline can be assumed. It should be mentioned that the drilled wells to the present day comprise wing and periclinal parts of the plications, upstructure portion of the Mishovdag deposit where main reserves of hydrocarbons along the PT-I horizon are concentrated was not encompassed by the deep exploratory drilling (since main wells in this part were drilled up to PT-I-PT-II). Based on the carried out explorations we can safely assume that the eastern crest portion where deep drilling on deep PT horizons weren’t made, new deposits of hydrocarbons will be detected.

Keywords: fold; structure; swell; lithofacies; perspective; oil; area; field.


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