Issue 1(41), 2016

UDC 681.5

Development of system of mine access control based on industrial controller OMRON

S. N. Kostarev, T. G. Sereda

The article analyzes the statistics on accidents at the workplace PJSC «Uralkaliy». Object of study is the mine of second Solikamsk potassium and ore management. The analysis of the company showed that the greatest number of accidents was due to jamming and collision with moving objects. One of the fatal accidents was a result of jamming of the lock gates. This study examines the construction of the drive airlock doors and characteristics the drive control station. In order to eliminate injury and fatal accidents in the sluice gate authors designed an advanced contactor-relay circuit and developed recommendations for the installation of additional equipment. The description of the graph on work for the door adds the necessary logic elements. The article shows a designed graph of states and transitions for cargo control gate. Authors introduce the notation of logic elements for the lock gates. In the construction part, authors propose using of hardware and software based on OMRON microcontroller with the development of contactor-relay circuits for the automation of control system of lock gates of the mine, a result of the implementation of which will increase the safety of miners at work in the mine. Authors also developed a dialog box for the control and monitoring of settings for the mine access, which includes the duplex screen. Automated and manual control for the mine access are provided. The study offers a simulation of the work of the ladder diagram with the description of the gate operation scheme. Using the developed control ladder diagram of engine gate will greatly improve reliability.

Keywords: occupational injuries; ladder diagram; sluice gates; graph of states and transitions; microcontroller.



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