Issue 4(40), 2015

ISSN 2307-2091 (Print) 

ISSN 2500-2414 (Online)

Theory of calculation of slopes and grounds stability. Analysis, characterization and classification of existing methods for calculating the slopes stability

Zhabko A. V.

The paper presents and offers to the use of a fundamentally new theory for calculating the stability of slopes and grounds, designed by the author and based on fundamental theorems and principles of mechanics, such as the principle of possible movements by Lagrange, the principle of least constraint by Gauss, the theorem of smallest lost job by Ostrogradsky and so on. The basis of mathematical apparatus of our theory are variative, differential and integral calculations. Drawing on a theory there are developed methodics for calculating the stability of slopes for almost conditions of any complexity: homogeneous, heterogeneous, anisotropic, watered slopes, slopes on weak oblique contact, on gently sloping ground undermined and karst slopes, laden slope, slope of disconnected rocks on a different basis.

Keywords: slope; limit equilibrium method; method of limiting stress state; the equilibrium condition; sustainability; extremum of the functional; differential equation; sliding surface; anisotropy; heterogeneity; angle fracture; undermined slope; stability of waste dumps; weak ground; watering.

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