Issue 4(40), 2015

Remediation of contaminated soils with using modified peat ameliorants

Grevtsev N. V., Shamparov A. G., Yakupov D. R.

The main question of the article is the remediation of oil-contaminated waterlogged soils using a modified peat soil ameliorant. The using of peat and sewage sludge in remediation of oil-contaminated soil is substantiated. Investigated are researches of sorption properties and destructive abilities of ameliorants to hydrocarbon oil in various compositions of upland and lowland peat with the addition of different ratios of sewage sludge. To obtain the necessary technological properties we used a granulation method. In the process of granulation we got the homogeneous mixture of peat and sewage sludge, impacting on the stable operation of the screw granulator and using as reinforcing the finished product. Upon completion of the destruction of oil hydrocarbons we investigated researches for heavy metal content in the green mass of inoculated rye.

Keywords: remediation; peat; sewage sludge; peat ameliorant; oil pollution.

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