Issue 3(39), 2015

UDC 556

Factors of engineering-geological conditions of the Ekaterinburg

Gryaznov O. N., Gulyaev A. N., Ruban N. V., Savintsev I. A., Cherkasov S. A.

Considered are the factors of engineering-geological conditions of Ekaterinburg: physical and geographical; regional geological factors (geological structure, tectonics, history of geological development, regional metamorphism, fluid-hydrothermal ore-forming processes, material engineering and geological complexes; natural geological processes; hydrogeological conditions); man-made factors (industrial, agricultural technogenesis; urbanization of areas; man-made and induced geological processes, chemical and radioactive contamination of the environment).

Keywords: physical and geographical factors, regional geological factors, man-made factors; engineering-geological conditions.

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