Issue 3(35), 2014

Basics of the geoecosocial-economic approach to the earth using pdf

Ignatieva M. N.

In modern conditions it is becoming increasingly important the solution of the equilibrium of nature problem. The evolution of methodological approaches to the development of natural resources of the territory considered in a paper. With sufficient detail the essence of the feasibility, ecologized feasibility, socio-economic and socio-economic ecologized (geo-eco-socio-economic) approaches is discovered. Approaches related to the study of the natural subsystem: landscape, landscape ecologized, subsoil are historically considered. The necessity of forming of geo-eco-socio-economic approach to the development of natural resources within the areas of ecological and economic systems is justified. Development of methodological approaches linked to historical types of economy: the front, the environmental, economic sustainable development. Formulated are the basic principles of proposed approach to the development of the natural potential of the area. Geo-eco-socio-economic approach is complemented by the ecosystem approach, requiring (unlike monoresource approach) integrated consideration of the natural potential and that the full range of natural and environmental resources.

Keywords: geo-eko-socio-economic approach; evolution; the equilibrium of nature; greening.

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