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Methods of developing audio-magnetotelluric express soundings pdf

V. A. Davydov

Audio-magnetotelluric soundings (AMTS) are related to high frequency modification of magnetotelluric methods. In order to research low depths (up to 100-200 m) methods of audio-magnetotelluric and magnetic-variation measurements in motion were developed, or with short stops that was called AMTS express-survey.
The purpose of the presented work is to determine the information value of various methods of quality and quantitative processing of audio-magnetotelluric (AMT) express-zonings. AMT-measurements in traditional and express options are given for this purpose on the controlled geophysical polygon. The comparison showed that the end results of both options of receiving data do not have great differences. Registered information contains all the necessary data on changing of electrical properties of the cut-section with the depth which allowed to build frequency and depth based cut-sections of various electrical magnetical parameters of the environment and to carry out 1D-2D inversion. Main provisions of the method, applied equipment, brief methods of field works and charts of office analysis of audio-magnetotelluric data are given in the work. Comparison of AMT processing results of express soundings with the present geological-geophysical information showed good convergence both in case of 1D-2D inversion, and in case of qualitative plottings of transformative cut-sections of audio-magnetotelluric and
geomagnetic-variation parameters. Specific distinctions of one dimensional and two dimensional geoelectrical cut-sections of vertical electrical soundings (VES) and AMTS were emphasized. It was noted that various types of cut-sections have various characteristics. In order to increase the informative value it is recommended to use both quantitative as well as qualitative options of mapping. Using express option of AMT sounding with fast interpretation in field conditions allows to considerably increase the productivity of electrical magnetical methods of research during prospecting and exploratory drilling geotechnical works.

Keywords: audio-magnetotelluric sounding; AMTS; impedance; longitudinal conductance; tipper; inversion; geoelectrical cut section.



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