DOI 10.21440/2307-2091-2016-3-91-94

Reducing the negative impact on the natural environment during steeply inclined coal seams pdf

B. A. Anferov, L. V. Kuznetsova

In order to reduce the negative impact on the environment in the development of steeply inclined coal seams authors propose to replace the open method of coal mining to a combined (open-underground). The technology is designed for the development of coal-beds of medium power (2.2 m) and powerful. The authors propose opening the deposit by open way by conducting cutting slanted trench from the work area located in the zone of the layers outputs to the drifts; and
preparation of coal seams by carrying by rock of sloping production, layer chambers, and crosscuts or connections. Development is carried out by underground methods by mobile means of mechanization in excavation chambers. Opening and preparation of a single layer is carried out by an individual scheme, a formation of layers – according to the group scheme. For conducting of preparatory and cleaning work using the same set of equipment, which includes selective roadheader, self-propelled carriage, hopper loader, a telescopic belt conveyor. The load on the working face will be up to 400 tons of coal per shift. In order to intensify the cleaning works in the career field one can simultaneously launch multiple excavation sites running.
The proposed technology will reduce the negative impact on the environment. Compared to open-pit mining method the developed variant does not require large land area taken under the career field and piles of rocks. Due to the minimum volumes of overburden works and disposal of rocks, the mined-out space provides preservation of the natural landscape areas, a significant reduction of ground capacity in mining operations and minimal volume of the subsequent land disturbance. In addition, due to involvement of thin layers in the development, which usually cannot be removed in the open method of production, the completeness of extraction of coal from the bowels will increase.

Keywords: Kuznetsk coal basin; coal deposit; steeply inclined seams; coal mining; open way; combined method; environmental management; land disturbance.



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