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The relevance of the work is due to the need of the mining and construction industry in high-quality preparation of raw materials, increasing the yield of standard fractions, reducing the loss of mineral resources in the development of carbonate open pit. A problem of screening plants is the difficulty of separating rock mass containing clay inclusions. Serial inertial screens with a grizzly deck plate are often clogged with clay and reduce their effectiveness.
The purpose of the work: improvement of screens deck plates, increasing screening efficiency, reducing the degree of clogging by clay inclusions in the separation of a difficult-to-reach rock mass; development of a vibration stand for testing abstract theorems on the improvement of deck plates under experimental conditions. Methodology of the research: development of methods for calculating the parameters of a stand on the basis of the vibration system, the implementation of the design solution and the preparation of methods for measuring the vibrations of the work tool and the deck plate.
Results. A vibration stand with an improved deck plate has been developed. The stand includes: work tool, controlled-angle vibration exciters, flexible support, supporting frame, spring petal coupling, DC electric drive, control board, measuring equipment of the drive, sensor system for measuring oscillations and recording equipment. The peculiarity of the stand is that there are four supporting blocks between the sides of the work tool on which open-end grizzly are installed with varying parameters. Grizzlies form a four-stage deck plate.
Conclusion. A scheme has been developed for an experimental stand of avibrating grizzly with an improved deck plate. It is hypothesized that the screen with a open-end deck plate can be rightfully regarded as a dual-mass oscillatory system. The method of calculating the parameters of such a system is described. To evaluate the methodology, a program was developed and the results were analyzed. As a result of the work, the characteristics of the stand and the main design parameters are given.

Keywords: vibrating stand, screen, side, deck plate, grizzly, beam, hinge, elastic support, vibrator, model, amplitude, oscillation frequency.


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